Alan Maciejewski — Our “Magic Maker”

January 5, 2017 By

The first thing you’ll notice about Alan Maciejewski is his last name. Pronounced Maw-chee-S-Key or as his customers call him, Magic, is quite literally one of the nicest people a person could ever meet. What sets him apart from other people in the project management field is how much he cares for his projects and his customers. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alan to discuss his life at American Hydro.

What’s your position with American Hydro and how long have you been with the Company?

I’m currently a Project Manager and have been with American Hydro since 2006, so about 11 years.

What did you do prior to working with American Hydro?

Prior to American Hydro, I was the Vice President of a custom engineering and manufacturing company. We supplied instrumentation and control systems for the nuclear, fossil and hydro power industry, both domestic and international.

Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of your position?

Essentially my day consists of tracking, reviewing and initiating changes in the plans for the execution of my projects. From the time of the release of the project to the completion of all the contract requirements, my responsibilities are to insure that the contract requirements are being met, while closely monitoring budgets, schedules, and quality in order to deliver the equipment successfully.

What do you like best about working for American Hydro?

I had the unique opportunity to watch the start of American Hydro. In fact, the first office of American Hydro was in my previous employer’s building! Years later, I was offered the opportunity to work at American Hydro. Working daily with highly talented and skilled associates; the constant interaction with customers at all levels and being part of producing the best equipment in the world, is very satisfying.

What do you think are American Hydro’s strengths?

American Hydro was founded on the principle of service. Being known as “the Service Company”, customers come to American Hydro with their unique technical issues for assistance and resolution. Being smaller in size than our larger competitors, American Hydro is able to more quickly respond with solutions and provide the timely delivery of equipment to assist our customers with their needs. In the energy business, “time is money” and the ability to return a hydro unit to service is crucial. That is where I believe American Hydro stands out among the rest.

How do you measure success?

Our last project delivered is the basis for our current reputation. We earn our reputation by the way we meet our customer’s expectations. While certainly quality, profit and delivery are equally important, at the end of the day, a project is successful when a customer’s needs have not only been met but in most cases exceeded.

What has been your biggest success story that you’re most proud of?

To me, success is not truly measured by what you have achieved; but rather it’s what you leave behind that will be most remembered. To that end, from a personal perspective, my wife and I have two great children who are very successful in their professions; raising families of their own and giving back to the community. On a professional level, watching the career growth of people I had the pleasure of mentoring over the years, becoming the new leaders in our industry as well as in our community.








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